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For businesses looking to establish or improve a basic online presence. A simple website to showcase your best work and help you attract new customers.

The two options I suggest are a Static website or a Wordpress website. Both of these options use fast, secure, and easy to maintain technologies.

A static website is a great option for businesses that want to keep costs down and have a simple website that's easy to maintain. You can enhance the website further with third party applications, for example adding links to Fresha for a booking system.

A Wordpress website allows you to do more by allowing you to add and edit content yourself. This is a great option for businesses that want to update their website regularly. Wordpress websites can also be extended with custom plugins and can be upgraded to include an online e-commerce shop.

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Static website

A static website is ideal for businesses seeking a cost-effective and low-maintenance online presence, as it doesn't require server-side processing, reducing hosting expenses.

Static websites load quickly, providing a seamless user experience, which can help retain visitors and improve search engine rankings, ultimately driving more organic traffic to your business.

Security is enhanced with static sites, as there are fewer vulnerabilities compared to dynamic sites, making it a secure choice for businesses looking to protect sensitive information.

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11ty Websites

Wordpress website

WordPress is an incredibly versatile and user-friendly content management system that allows you to easily manage you websites without requiring extensive technical expertise.

With a vast library of themes and plugins, WordPress offers endless customization options, enabling businesses to tailor their websites to their unique brand identity and specific needs.

Its robust SEO capabilities, frequent updates, and strong community support make WordPress a reliable choice for improving online visibility and driving growth for businesses of all sizes.

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