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Matta SAS



Magento with internationalisation

Developed by

John Tilley Freelance Web Development

Anne Semonin

Project Description

The Anne Semonin Website was inherited from the Digital Agency I used to work for. The system had a few hangovers from its launch version that meant the first couple of tasks was to complete Russian Translations, fix some features and correct some of the settings such as shipping. A lot can be achieved simply by listening carefully to what the client is requesting, taking the care to implement it correctly and delivering more value than the expectation.

After the corrections were made we moved on to some of the larger tasks. The Russian side of the website needed a payment gateway for a bank completely foreign to me and we had this up and running within a month. The templates for the system needed some tidying up and now the Website boasts a beautiful collapsing fixed header with presentation consistent across the three languages (English, French and Russian)

Key Features

Fixed header

Creating a fixed header for this website was a fun puzzle to solve. The Header had to retain it’s dropdown-menu functionality, header links and all of this had to work well across multiple languages which cause much of the text to split onto separate, all whilst having a flexible responsive design that works on different screen sizes!

Fixed header

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